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Game News
Welcome to the Mystics of the East, We our a pvp, pve, and somewhat of an Rp guild.We do not gank anyone.Our kill's must be within 5 levels of us Unless they have been warned to leave us alone and keep harrassing us.
We our here to have a good time , provide comaderie for our members and be helpful  to those in our guild and Alliances.
Guild News

Members and Non members

aoc's mrscary, Aug 1, 10 12:24 AM.
To members sign up on the website so that  you might lead discussions , make suggestions and make us a better guild. Don't forget to sign in and put your class and level . For those not in the guild please bookmark the page if your interested in what new and exciting things  this guild is doing and feel free to email me through the guild page if you have questions or concerns

Creation of guild

aoc's mrscary, Aug 1, 10 12:16 AM.
today's our guilds birthday we can thank  Vanguard for merging with knights of chaos so that we could purchase their city.We have also added ventrillo and come up with a reward system for members which will go as follows. 1 For every member you invite that stays 2 weeks you will recieve 1 gold [ max bonus a mo is 5 gold]
                       2. The top 3 contributors of the week will be promoted 1 rank [ your max rank will be 4]
                            for top spot u will also recieve 1 gold 2nd place 75 silver3rd place 25 silver
                       3 There will be an honorable mention award determined by me as for who was most helpful
                          to other members, recruits and other
   We have a brother guild in Hand of Fate  we treat them as we do our own guild members.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

aoc's mrscary, Jul 31, 10 6:26 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Corruption (100)
Lotus (100)
Berserker (100)
Reaver (100)
Bear Shaman
Spirits (100)
Wrath (100)
Brute (100)
Carnage (100)
Dark Templar
Depravity (100)
Desecration (100)
Conflagration (100)
Havok (100)
Juggernaut (100)
Tempest (100)
Herald of Xotli
Avatar (100)
Possession (100)
Nightfall (100)
Reanimation (100)
Priest of Mitra
Divinity (100)
Vengeance (100)
Sharpshooter (100)
Waylayer (100)
Tempest of Set
Lightning (100)
Thunder (100)
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